Care of Critically ill patient

The following is a hand on care for the critically ill patient, it might be like check list for nurses who want to refresh their knowledge.

Hair must be nearly combed, and must prevent from pediculosis.

If patient unconscious, and eye kept open it should be closed with eyepad,

Ryles Tube care must be given, and adequate hydration and feed must be given. Minimum 200 ml fluid like milk, tender coconut water, rice kanchi should be given ever 3 hour.

Daily mouth care should be give twice for the critical care patient.

ET suctioning:
If endo tracheal tube was in position, frequent through suctioning should be done.

Tracheotomy Care:
If tracheotomy has performed, suctioning and deflation and inflation must be done hourly. Also tracheotomy dressing to be applied.

Chest physiotherapy to be done in postural drain manner.

Upper and lower extremities physical exercise should be done.

If catheter inserted, catheter care should be given.

Hourly positioning should be done to prevent bed sore.

Venflon should be changed every alternative days also if builder occur immediately it should be changed.

Blood Investigation:
Blood sugar,
Serum Electrolytes,
Liver function test
And other needed test to be done.

Chest X-ray to be taken to rule out pulmonary infections.

Drugs should be given in correct time.

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