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PYQA PBBSc Nursing English Short Answers From Stories

PYQA = Previous Year Question and AnswersPBBSc = Post Basic BSc NursingWhat was the sickness that affected Helen in her childhood? Helen had not been born as a deaf and blind child but had been affected by an illness which her doctors stated as “an acute congestion of the stomach and the brain” which now is believed to have been either scarlet fever or meningitis.

PYQA - English Change the sentences into active or passive voice.

Change the sentences into active or passive voice.
1. The dog killed the cat. (Into passive) The Cat was killed by the dog
Simple Past --> (Helping Verb + by)2. The boy opened the main gate. (Into passive) The main gate was opened by the boy
Simple Past --> (Helping Verb + by)3. The Exhibition was inaugurated by the minister. (Into active)Helping Verb + By --> Simple Past
The Minister Inagurated the Exhibition.4. Ramani was praised by her teacher. (Into active)Helping Verb + By --> Simple Past.
The teacher praised ramani