சிலருக்கு APPOINTMENT ORDER, CERTIFICATE போன்றவற்றை மீண்டும் UPLOAD செய்ய சொல்லி SMS வந்துள்ளது அதற்கான வழிமுறைகள் 

Is it possible to upload the documents, if it is failed in the first attempt?
i. Yes. Go to
ii. Click the Renewal of Registration & Licensure Card.
iii. You will get the Instructions page.
iv. Click next to go to Registration page.
v. Click “Enroll with mobile number”.
vi. Select the correct category of the Nursing education.
vii. Enter the TNNC number.
viii. Enter the same mobile number which you entered in the first attempt.
ix. Confirm the mobile number.
x. Click Submit.
xi. You will receive an SMS with new verification code in the mobile number which you entered.
xii. Enter the verification code and click submit.
xiii. You will see the page showing all your details.
xiv. Click Next to go to the Document upload page.
xv. Select Yes option in the Document upload page.
xvi. Browse and attach the documents which are already scanned. (NM/GNM/ANM/HV/RN/RM Certificate, Appointment order from your current employer, Passport size photo).
xvii. Click next to go to payment page.
xviii. You can Generate Chellan and print it, if needed. Otherwise, you can skip it and log out.


  1. If already expired registration what should I do ,my renewal date 12.02.2017

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